Tuk South


Hi! Greetings from all of us here at Tuk South productions (Robbie, Ivo, Jasper & Josh). Are we a real production company? No. Have we made a documentary before? No. Are we ill prepared to drive a Tuk-Tuk from the equator to Cape Town?… No more questions.

Having spent time making videos in some of Kenya’s incredible wild spaces we realised the people protecting these spaces were struggling. The Rangers. These heroes help maintain the balance between communities and wildlife but as the tourism industry has taken a hit due to the pandemic, so has their funding. 

Armed with only filming equipment and a microphone, how could we help? The answer was clear. Spend the last of our savings on two tuk-tuks, cover them in sponsorship stickers and make a documentary driving from Kenya to Cape Town in these ridiculous machines. 

If you want to follow the stories and chaos we will be consistently posting videos on our TikTok and YouTube channels. 

Donate to “For Rangers” on our Just Giving page here: For Rangers

Help our tuk-tuk keep rolling with fuel and repairs : Tuk-tuk Fund

The Route

Departing from Nanyuki, Kenya our expedition aims to span Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa; the ultimate goal, the Cape of Good Hope. It’s likely to be an odyssey of breakdowns, punctures and toppled Tuk-Tuks, as we coax these three legged beasts through elephants, jungles, mountains, savanna and the ever hospitable Kalahari desert. Who needs four wheel drive, A/C or doors? Along the way we plan on visiting as many conservancies, parks and reserves as possible, collecting stories and footage as we go.

How You Can Help

Rangers risk their lives every day protecting Africa’s communities and wildlife. We’ve teamed up with the charity For Rangers who dedicate their lives to raising money and support for Africa’s rangers. 100% of donations to our Just Giving site will be donated to “For Rangers”, any donations would be greatly appreciated.

If you’d like a side-car seat on our adventure then sign up to one of our social media channels and if you’d like to give the chaos a helping shove, we’d be ever grateful for a donation via our Tuk-tuk Fund, which will ensure the wheels stay on and the fuel tank is replensished.